About The Empire

How Are We Associated with India
Cinema Industry?

Indian movie industry is one of the most versatile platforms in the world. The diversity in our languages and culture has only enhanced the beauty of Indian cinema. With so much left to explore and experiment, we introduce ourselves as a young and dynamic movie production & release house.

Taking the initial steps in the industry, SP CINECORP was founded in 2015 and thereon has been growing with the number of films and experience. SP CINECORP has been part of successful Gujarati movies and Bollywood flicks. Venturing into other domains of the film industry, we have been actively involved in film production, distribution & release and rights syndication apart from other branches of film making.

Film Production:

The year 2015 saw a rise in the consumption of Gujarati cinema with the release of Chhello Divas. Well received amongst the audience, the movie has inspired a trend to explore new stories and present movies that appeal to all generations.
Being the P&A partner of Bollywood movie Buddha In A Traffic Jam has been a major stepping stone for SP CINECORP. Critically acclaimed and gathering several accolades for a true and honest preview of the society’s several issues, Buddha In A Traffic Jam has brought us closer to quality cinema.

Voyaging ahead on our filmographic journey, our luggage is full with movies like Chor Bani Thangaat Kare and Sweetie Desai Weds NRI among others.

Distribution & Release:

Distribution of films is one task that needs to be well-calculated and executed. SP CINECORP has been associated with Gujarati movies like Hardik AbiNandan and suspense thriller O Taareee.
Hardik AbhiNandan is a tale of three boys who come to the ream city of Ahmedabad to make a difference to their life, which gives them several sweet and bitter lessons of life. An inspiring for the youth of today, learn more about Hardik AbhiNanadan here.
A suspense and thriller drama, O Taareee takes the audience into the complex thinking of the human mind that is surrounded by feelings of fear, love, hatred, ego and jealousy. When young and innocent minds choose the wrong route to their goals, the results are disastrous. Watch the trailer of O Taareee here.

An industry that has been thriving and flourishing on quality matter, we see how today’s audience has evolved into matured and unconventional cinema viewers  and seekers. Accompanying experience as our comrade, we embark on our journey to create quality cinema.

We don’t aim to be different, but do things differently.

Cinema is universal, beyond flags and borders and passports.
– Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritug