Buddha in a Traffic Jam

May 13, 2016

Vikram Pandit (Arunoday Singh) a student of the Indian Institute of Business becomes the blue-eyed boy of Professor Jamshed Batki (Anupam Kher). Under Batki’s influence Vikram starts public discoursing and publishing articles under his own name that are authored by Batki himself. The articles, which deal with the plight of the poor in India, are posted on his Blog as well as Facebook. The story mirrors the agony of the deprived in India. The problem is primeval but the remedy must be contemporary. Vikram offers a modern day solution that can bypass all red tape and political hurdles. Promoting and facilitating an idea where trust deficit can be minimized…

How a radical business model can effectively replace stagnant policies… How a collective will and might of monetary resources can fast track results. Gradually as under-layers of the story surface and veils are lifted from the faces of people around him, Vikram realizes what he is up against; he must find a way out of the cesspool he has got himself into, where his own life is at stake now… and everyone around him a suspect.

Directed & Written By
Vivek Agnihotri

Produced by
Suresh Chukapalli
Vivek Agnihotri
Sharad Patel
Shreyanshi Patel
Pranay Chokshi
Vikram Gupta
Ravi Agnihotri
(Associate Producers)
Dream Cube
Sandeep Goel
Abhishek Mohunta
Pritika Idnani
Ritesh Patel

Anupam Kher
Arunoday Singh
Mahie Gill
Anchal Dwivedi
Pallavi Joshi

Music by
Rohit Sharma

Attar Singh Saini

Edited by
Sattyajit Gazmer

Production Company
SP Cinecorp
Vivek Agnihotri Creates
Phoenix Multidimensions
Dream Cube
Friday Night Productions


The director and actors did justice to the movie by their brilliant skills of direction , role-playing , usage of marvelous sound and visual effects . The title ” Buddha in a Traffic Jam ” is symbolic of the innovative idea aimed at enlightening the masses which however gets stalled in the traffic jam as it gets opposed by various quarters.

Anupam Kher acted well. but do not expect ‘saransh’ performance here in this movie. he is a professor or recruiter(Gabbar kind of). Pallavi Joshi was exceptional. Arunoday Singh puts up a decent performance as a young revolutionary top college kid who steps up against the exploitation of poor innocent tribal people in the name of fight for equality of the same people. The movie shows how people under the mask of Marx-Lenin left ideology and devil of corruption slowly eating our nation. Due to bitter truth shown in the movie none of distributed yet agreed for commercial release of film. Movie has been screened at over 30 film festivals. and has won many of awards. although the movie was removed from the scheduled list at National Film Festival as someone is ensuring that people do not watch it. This will clear up some of ‘what who why’ in the recent JNU incident. Inspired from Agnihotri’s own life, “Buddha In A Traffic Jam”, dealing with corruption and Maoism, is set in a business school where a professor and a student, who is set to create a revolution.

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