Chhello Divas

November 20, 2015

Chhello Divas – A New Beginning (English: The Last Day – A New Beginning) is a comedy Gujarati film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film revolves around the lives of eight friends in the last year of college. The film stars Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni, Mitra Gadhvi, Aarjav Trivedi, Rahul Raval, Janki Bodiwala, Kinjal Rajpriya, Netri Trivedi. The film was premiered on 20 November 2015. The film received positive reviews by critics and was commercially successful. The film earned Rs. 17 crore by the end of January 2016. It completed 50 days in cinemas.

The movie revolves around the lives of eight friends and their journey of growing up while they face the highs and lows of their relationships, love and romance, the end of their college days and the beginning of a new life.

Directed & Written by
Krishnadev Yagnik

Produced by
Sharad Patel
Aayush Mehta
Nilay Chotai
Pranay Kabra
Sandil Dang

Malhar Thakar
Yash Soni
Mitra Gadhvi
Aarjav Trivedi
Rahul Raval
Janki Bodiwala
Kinjal Rajpriya
Netri Trivedi

Music by
Harsh Trivedi
Parth Thakkar

Alex Mecwan

Edited by
Nirav Panchal

Promotional Partner
VCS Events & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. : Raahul Dhyani

Production Company
Belvedere Films


very good effort to make such Gujarati movie. acting of all actors are good. storyline of amdavadi college life is very weak. director has shown very cheap and very vulgar side of amdavadi collegians. there are many situation in colleges that can create very good comedy. but director has chosen short cut to make laugh on public face by such vulgar and cheap comedy. And there is big potential in amdavadi and Gujarati college life to direct nice comedy film but they didn’t do it. It shows that Director has very weak and less research work on amdavadi college life. I have really made mistake that I went to watch movie with my parents and my little children with expectation of nice storyline and comedy on amdavadi life style, but I am totally disappointed. Hope for better art work next time.


I am unable to understand why so much hype about this movie. Only reason which I can think of why people are giving 9 or 10 rating, is lack of other options (in Gujarati cinema). Yeah, on comparative basis (“one eyed man is king in the country of blinds”, this is a nice , refreshing, college , comedy movie. However, if you compare movie with others by having language neutral attitude then its a average farcical comedy. Some scenes are in fact “cheap to watch with family” : e.g. arranged marriage scene where all friends visit bride’s home, men’s room comedy scene at college. Can be watched once if you are a Gujarati, for others its a “must skip”.

Kenil Ghorecha

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