Our Synopsis

Films are great influencers, taking the audience to another world.


A Suave, Creative, Cinematic Venture with a plethora of films such as The Tashkent Files, Buddha in a Traffic Jam, Chhello Divas & more.

As a premier filmmaking venture, SP Cinecorp synergizes creativity and commercial viability to produce the best of entertainment projects nationally and internationally. It is an associating partner to the organizations that ally with it and builds trustworthy relations which matter on long term basis. With an eye for creative talent & remarkable stories, SP Cinecorp endeavors to place itself amongst the league of unique & artistic ventures whose potential will continue to be realized in an everchanging and evolving film industry.

SP Cinecorp continues to invest in artistic talent & opportunities wherever found. Nurturing creativity is second nature to us and we continue to look out for the next great story that matter to audiences and has a transformative role.

Managing the Film Business

In an industry involving high risks, establishing reliability and financial discipline in the film investment business has been a major achievement of SP Cinecorp. The film venture’s accurate mechanism scrutinizes the projects before investing the funds, consequently reducing risks. With such worthy cinematic projects, creating credibility for all the associates is a much easier process. Unlike other businesses, SP Cinecorp functions with the motto of not just to have a long list of movies on the portfolio, but to be a major entertainment conglomerate that enriches its audience with great cinematic projects.
SP Cinecorp’s own unique approach towards the art of storytelling involves crafting great stories with stunning visuals and gripping dialogues, nurturing indelible characters and continuing to push the boundaries of filmmaking with creative approaches.Creating moments that enter the collective imagination is built with a deep & lasting desire to entertain and move people.

SP Cinecorp has begun to set a benchmark of uniqueness in the film industry.