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Blackmail: An Entertaining Piece of the Month

A middle-class man is like the stuff between two pieces of bread (defined as Sandwich). He is surrounded by enormous problems, and to solve them becomes his daily routine. But Dev Kaushal in Blackmail has some other plans.

This time we shall be talking about, Blackmail which is released on 6th April 2018. Now just like the trailer suggests, it is the story of middle class man named Dev Kaushal (presented by Irrfan Khan, savior of the film) who works in a toilet paper manufacturing company, and is struggling with his life-like problems everyday and is unfortunately stuck in a loveless marriage while obviously involving his wife Reena (justified by Kirti Kulhari) with the same feelings. One fine day when Dev, after finishing his routine at the office, reached home he finds that his wife is having an affair with another man named  Ranjit Arora (who is a clueless character with low IQ, beautifully brought on screen by Arunoday Singh) who was married to a corporator’s spoiled, drunkard daughter Dolly (aptly performed by Divya Dutta). And so, out of rage, Dev imagines of various ways to deal with it, which would be either killing the boy or his own wife. But he ends up with a quite different and unusual solution. He planned to blackmail the clueless boyfriend for money and decided to demand only the sufficient amount that could satisfy his household expenses and pay off his EMIs & loans. But somehow gradually people who are either working with Dev or are possibly near to him get to know of his ‘blackmail’ plan. This is where the twist begins, for then everyone starts to demand money from each other, which also includes Ranjit, eventually leading the story to revolve around this word ‘blackmail’.

This dark comedy film despite taking the first half to set the plot at a slow pace and grabbing the speed in the second one is undoubtedly a promising piece of Bollywood which can make the audience experience uproarious laughter. Blackmail truly is worth watching!