Buddha Inside You

Oh Yes, It’s True, There Is A Buddha In All Of You!

There is a Buddha in each of us – including your snobbish boss, your beautiful mom, your quarrelsome ex, your best friend, the bullies at your office/college. We all have that fire in us, that enormous potential to reach great heights, to change the world! Although the qualities like compassion, wisdom, truthfulness, humbleness (the ones that define Buddha) are more prominent in some than in others. The Buddhahood is there deep down, may be in a latent state waiting to be tapped!

Everyone is struggling to achieve their goals but is stuck in the deadly jam of reality, drudgery, hypocrisy, peer pressure, rat race. We all want to rise above these demons that are constantly trying to pull us back! But there is still a ray of hope, a hope that we shall be successful in our pursuit of happiness, a belief that we will shine like a Lotus, even in the most difficult of circumstances!

Having said that, I want everyone to watch this latest clutter-breaking ad by Tanishq, that celebrates a young go-getter, a woman entrepreneur!

The women of India are evolving and how! This advertisement appeals to the contemporary woman who aspires to leave her own distinctive mark in the world ruled by men! She is unafraid to explore the uncharted waters. It so beautifully narrates her journey of being apologetic of everything while she juggles with her professional life, responsibilities as a wife, daughter-in-law, mother and friend. The reason why I have mentioned this ad here is because it tries to demonstrate a sense of pride in the mindset of the woman and her conviction to bring home the bacon despite of all the obstacles she has to face. She is a Buddha! While she is being sorry for all those moments she missed out with her near and dear ones, she also does not forget to say thank you to all of them who stood by her, who motivated her!

Doesn’t it make you feel empowered as a woman?