Hichki Movie Review Bollywood Movie Review

Hichki-An Introduction to unusual Hiccups of Life

Each day in the life is always full of surprises, which may be good or bad and temporary or permanent. It has got things that are never planned. But those Hichkis eternally prove to be beneficial for us, and this movie answers the ‘how’ of it.

On 23rd March 2018, Bollywood again came up with an informative but sensitive movie Hichki that educated about an unusual neurological disorder. It is a story about a woman named Naina Mathur, who suffered from Tourette syndrome, due to which she frequently got hiccups that led her to make click noises. This disorder made her speech a bit problematic. But the irony was that Naina aspired to be a teacher while confidently quoting “I was born to be a teacher” in one of her interviews. She used to make great efforts but her disorder made her face rejections. However, after several interviews and rejections, she finally got a chance to land her aspirations in one of the elite schools of the city, where most kids and teachers have a hoity air of ‘high class’. But soon she realized that the class assigned to her comprised of defiant and impish students from the slums around, who were a part of the right to education initiative. Here came the question of each pupil being treated equally, which was not the case with her students, and so she accepts the challenge to change the scenario. Now, how she managed to win the game and do the right thing in spite of enormous hurdles that either her disorder or other external factors created, is what the story finely concludes with.

Hichki, fortunately, brought one of the most talented actors, Rani Mukerji in front of the audience, who made a comeback on screen after 4 years but with a flawless performance, while winning the hearts of many. It seemed like she was well-versed with the character having Tourette syndrome, which made her completely justify ‘Naina Mathur’. Also, the ‘impish students’ were no less than the best. They could impressively show the true scenario of the children living in slum areas. But Hichki could have done wonders on the box-office with a bit more improved screenplay. Still, this movie is definitely worth watching.