Pari Movie Review

PARI-Not a Fairytale

PARI is a word that pleases the innocent hearts of children. But the Director Prosit Roy intended to give his audience a horrendous flick with this pretty term.

Horror films are expected to chill our spines, and ‘PARI NOT A FAIRYTALE’ has tried its best to do so. PARI is a story of a traumatized girl named Ruksana (expertly played by Anushka Sharma), who was found and rescued by a low-on-confidence Arnab (splendidly justified by Parambrata Chatterjee) from a secluded jungle. This seemed like they united by a twist of fate, but this union was constantly threatened by Dr. Qasim Ali (presented to the audience by well-known Rajat Kapoor), an exorcist, as soon as he is intuited of something horrific to happen. Now, as mentioned before, the film seems to be made with best efforts but unfortunately could not impress the audience as the story was not justified accordingly on-screen. It majorly concentrated on the creation of the plot with the help of simple elements made scary which try to horrify spectators. The film also consists of some ‘could not be watched’ scenes which may make you close your eyes or feel disgusted.

Although the film could not aptly express its story, the star casts in it performed their role the best. If considered factually then this is Anushka Sharma’s first horror film, but with her deadly starring eyes, she became the core reason to still make the audience keen about the climax. Also, Parambrata Chatterjee left no piece of his heart to present the character of a low-confident gentleman on-screen, and we have already been watching the flawlessness of Rajat Kapoor for quite a long time & he never fails to impress the audience.

So, if you admire Anushka Sharma (even not as a diehard fan), then you must at least for once watch her performance as a split personality of a girl along with a horrific figure.