Parmanu: The Story of India’s Strength

Every land has its own history, but just like almost every Indian says, “India ki to baat hi kuch aur he” as our country is also the land of remarkable history. The movie ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’ dialects the unique and proud history of India describing as to how our country joined the Big 5 of the New Nuclear Weapon State. Released on 25th May 2018, this nationalist movie thrilled the audience with its story.

No wonder the review is coming after a few days of the release (my fictional reason: as I was busy praising the movie!), but it is worth uploading; so here we go with its story!

It was the year of 1995 when China and Pakistan were in the nuclear race, Ashwath Raina an IAS Officer (excellently performed by John Abraham) suggested the government to also be the part of it and conduct its own nuclear weapon test. But sometimes people are not able to judge the value of words, ideas, plans, suggestions (sure-shot ones), etc. However, after realising the worth of it, our former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee gave Ashwath Raina a second chance to conduct the test in the year 1998. This is when the core part of the story begins. With describing the strategy to take one step at a time and dodging the satellites of CIA, which was specially launched to keep an eye on India, makes the movie more engaging, interesting and as said before thrilling. As a matter of fact, the nuclear test secretly conducted by India turned out to be one of the biggest failures of CIA.

Ambalika (splendidly brought on screen by Diana Penty), who was the part of this secret and strong team, illustrated as the strength of the group and the mission. John’s wife (acted by Anuja Sathe) and Principal Secretary of Prime Minister (perfectly performed by Boman Irani) were the cherries on the cake. Even after the movie consisting of a bit fictional essence, it perfectly introduces you to an unsung hero and a proud incident of India, making Parmanu worth watching.

The team of SP CINECORP would personally like to congratulate John Abraham and his marvelous team for giving Bollywood a great film which also makes us feel proud of our country.