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People Behind The Scenes

We at SP Cinecorp have been into the production of films since our inception in 2015. With the success and execution of three film projects: Chhello Divas, Buddha in a Traffic Jam & The Tashkent Files, we have cemented our reputation as a can-do organization gathering talented artists and creative professionals with a diverse portfolio of projects.

A film is a result of diverse team members who co-ordinate together under the auspices of a director and execute their tasks in clockwork fashion. We will describe the role of crucial team members responsible for executing film projects since a detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this write-up.

He/she is the final say in all matters of pre & post-production processes. The director must be a talented person who understands how to convert a screenplay into a visual medium and must balance the creative impulses of his/her crew to bring fruition to various projects.

The can-do person, he/she is the reason why every team member has gathered together to make a film. The producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls matters such as fundraising, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the film making process, from development to completion of a project. These days with large film projects, there are multiple producers involved in various aspects of film production; each of them commands a legion of personnel to carry out tasks.

Casting Director:
The casting director chooses actors for the film. In this, he is assisted by Directors or producers, depending on their level of involvement in the project.

Director of Photography:
Think of the DoP as the eye of the Director. A director’s most important and trusted person, he/she is the second most important person who is briefed by the director on what kind of visual to have. The DoP must then arrange cameras, lighting, focus and ambiance for the necessary shot to take as per Director’s want. The DoP has camera assistants to help him take the shots.

Also known as Chief Lighting Technician, he/she is responsible for designing a lighting plan and how much light is necessary for the Directors and DoPs to decide on how and where to take the shot.

Production Sound Mixer:
As the head of sound production on the location, his/her main job is the receive sounds from mic operators and to ensure the cancellation of background noise and sufficient sound volume which will then be edited in the video and added.

Production Designer:
Consider this role like that of an architect who designs the overall look and feel of the film set itself. A creative production designer uses his managerial skills to create an ambiance which matches the overall look and feel of the film.

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There are many more individuals who are into film production. The above personnel are the most essential feature of any film, whether low budget or high budget. With extensive experience, we at SP Cinecorp have an intimate awareness of every aspect of film making, from pre-production, editing to distribution.