Selecting The Perfect Script Sp Cinecorp

Selecting the perfect script

At SP Cinecorp, we are always on the lookout of the most perfect idea. ‘Perfection’ is a subjective realm we traverse through daily in our day to day affairs. To define a good script is to reduce the scope of creativity. But some pointers are extremely helpful in this regard.

Single Motive:

  • The story one should look out for must be that whose objective is defined and purposeful. Ambiguity and dexterous handling of the plot should complement, rather than distract the audiences from the storyline.

Heroes are complex individuals:

  • Real-life and reel life should tend to merge in the story any writer wishes to present to us. Usually, commercial cinema runs on simplistic themes of hero winning against all external odds.
  • We are more interested in nuances as well, but we understand that compromises can be made for the sake of audiences. We like to see the flaws and the attributes which humanize our characters.

Story Structure:

  • We are interested in contrasts of the obvious and the subtle. Indian audiences are more attuned to the directness of dialogues and a linear progression of the story, but in the recent times,
  • we have seen new plot structures, suspense, and surprises and we believe that the audiences are maturing to a new level of storytelling that we wish to cater to.

Strong Openings:

  • A good screenplay these days must have openings that defy our normal perception of how the story begins. This is where the real skill can be discerned, assessed and appreciated.
  • For example, the opening scene of Punch Drunk Love takes us directly to the day to day activities of a failed businessman or the starting scene of Nolan’s Batman where we are unsure of the identity of a masked man who later turns out to be the Joker.

Moral Imperative:

  • A great movie script should have something to talk about. Something which excites public discussions and animates the subject in purview.
  • These days, the kind of movies being released, are precisely doing this. The movie subject should have strong themes as well.


  • Genres have become a staple of commercial cinema. But some movie ideas are genre-wise speaking, a set of contrasts.
  • These are called Cross-Genre films. For example, Action-Comedy, comedy-horror, tragicomedy, romantic fantasy, dark fantasy, etc.

Suspense of Disbelief:

  • To evoke such a reaction requires perfection achieved with due diligence and plotting. The story progression must be subtle, measured and over time intelligible enough to make the audience realize the events depicted as an obvious consequence.

At SP Cinecorp, we have deftly dealt with subjects and stories that are unconventional in their output and which were never depicted in cinema before. We are always on a lookout for new ideas. If you have it and we like it, we are for it.