The 10-Year Challenge – Indian Cinema

Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world that produces more than a thousand movies each year. In this decade, we have seen a plethora of films produced on a variety of themes that have showcased diverse spheres of Indian life. We have seen considerable evolution in the way films have been produced, directed and scripted across different genres such as romance, mystery, comedy or drama.

Changes That Indian Cinema Experienced

Over the last ten years, movie making has changed mainly because of changes in the target audience. Due to technical advancements, we have seen a greater occurrence of visual effects in films. The bigger presence of huge budget productions in Bollywood has made it easier for the continued growth of visual effects in Bollywood. Ever since the technological breakthrough that was Ra.One, Indian films such as the mega-successful Bahubali have only one-upped each other in their pursuit of increased visual mastery. With the record-breaking collections for films such as Bahubali in the domestic box office, Indian audiences have repeatedly shown their love and appreciation for massive crowd pleasures with wholesome entertainment.

The change in the target audience has had a huge effect on the type of films that are being produced. With the expansion of the upper middle class and a massive percentage of the Indian population being below the age of thirty-five, cinema production houses in general are looking to actively cater to the wishes of this group. Foreign countries have also become filming locations at an increased rate due to not only the natural beauty they possess but also the weight that is attached to a brand in India.

Popularity of the Veterans

Veteran actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have by no means faded away but they have certainly seen a little bit fall in their sole popularity. Newcomers have challenged the dominance of these actors while the public has rewarded films that have laid a greater emphasis on content and the script rather than star power. This is evident through the success of low budget films such as Badhai Ho and Raazi. So, it is quite clear that the veterans have not lost their popularity completely over the years but the newcomers have played their own part in an extremely effective so as to make sure that they have created their own place as well as popularity in the Indian cinema by winning the hearts of the audiences.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is what exactly Indian cinema is on the verge of seeing. It is observed that the Indian production houses are embracing digitisation and going for the web series like Netflix, Amazon Prime and a few others. This makes it quite clear that Indian cinema in the mode of transition and with the time to come a completed digitisation can be certainly expected. So, we have to wait and watch to see what time has in store for the Indian cinema.