Tips On Marketing Your Film To The Right Audience

Tips On Marketing Your Film To The Right Audience

Nowadays, just making a good film with a solid cast is no guarantee for success but the marketing and promotions are of immense importance to ensure popularity of the movie. So, at this point of time it is to be made sure that the marketing and promotion of the film is not only done in the most appropriate way but also it is to be kept in mind that the marketing is done to the proper audience.

An analysis of the industry at present reveals digital marketing through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram or video sharing platforms like YouTube are the emerging space for promotion of movies. This is because of the fact that a huge portion of the population are using these social media platforms on a regular basis and hence these platforms prove to be a great way of marketing the film. We at Spcinecorp make sure that the most appropriate means are used for the marketing of the film to the right audience. Here are a few tips for all the upcoming filmmakers to ensure that they broadcast the trailers and posters to the ideal viewers and do it in the right manner with the help of the social media as the platform.

Discover what matters to your audience

With the popularity of big data, it has become possible to access lots of data through tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or Ad Manager. Thus, it has become possible to understand interests and behaviours of customers based on their age and location. If the movie is regional or features a real-life location, it is possible to shrewdly market with insights into the audiences’ demographic profile.

Use the same lingo

One cannot expect to connect with young adults today by talking in an extremely formal tone. The promotional campaign must reflect the audience it is targeted at. Using the same style of speech, tone and even actual words or phrases can help you actually reach the audience and even go viral.

Organic keywords

It is important for any promotional channel to know what shall be the largest source of traffic and brings users to their webpage. Usually, this is through organic search by search engines like Google that have an algorithm that focuses on certain keywords. Advertisers must employ informational, navigational and transactional keywords to attract audiences.


This basically refers to content that has been designed to grab attention and users to click play or go to a particular page. This can be achieved through flashy images on the thumbnails for YouTube videos or sensational titles on webpages.

So, it is quite clear that how vital role the social media plays in the creation of fan following for the film. But another important point which we at Spcinecorp put a lot of stress on is the identification of the right audience for the marketing of the film. This is extremely crucial for the success of the overall marketing campaign.

Choosing the Right Way of Marketing to the Right Audience

We certainly cannot skip the fact that there are still a good percentage of the population who are not used to these social media platforms and hence this social media marketing strategy to market a film would not work well. This is exactly where it becomes very important to segregate the target audience and apply the marketing strategies accordingly. Spcinecorp understands this very well and hence advises the filmmakers to stress on the same. So, as a filmmaker if you want your film to reach to almost all, it is quite important to understand your audience. You need to have a clear idea as to what your audience understands best and use that particular channel of marketing or promotion.

Suppose, you want your film to be promoted in any particular village or a suburban area, social media would not be the appropriate channel of marketing the film. So, in this situation, it is necessary to have a clear idea as to what the audience would understand and accordingly go for the most suitable option for marketing the film. For example, we can consider the marketing of the film Sui Dhaga by Varun Dhawan. He used Wreslemenia and Royal Rumble for promoting the film which turned out to be huge success. So, here we are to help all the filmmakers to market their film not only in the right way but also to the right audience which is extremely important to warrant success of the marketing campaign so conducted.