Top Films At The Venice Film Festival 2020

One of the most awaited red carpet events of the year – the Venice film festival is even more special this year as one of the first events of its kind after the massive shutdown and lockdowns the world over closed the curtains on cinema halls. Regardless of the pandemic, the shutdown and the speculations, Venice film festival 2020 is launched with an impressive lineup of films.

But more than the films it showcases, the grand opening of the Palazzo del Cinema signals hope for movie-makers the world over. Cinema is back with a bang and we are back to business. Here’s a snapshot of some of the best films that Venice Film Festival has to offer:

  1. Pieces of a Woman

A Hungarian-American-Canadian film by Kornél Mundruczó, based on a screenplay by Kata Wéber , Pieces of a Woman is a gut-wrenching drama that deals with the lives of a couple as they cope with the aftermath of losing their baby after a home birth goes awry.

With great skill the director explores the impact of loss on a couple and their marriage. Some superb writing, acting and casting make Pieces of a Woman, a must-watch.

  1. Wife of a Spy

Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s latest film Wife of a Spy is a brilliant historical romance featuring Yu Aoi and Issey Takahashi. It occurs on the eve of the second world war when a merchant leaves his partner in Kobe in order to travel to Manchuria. Wife of a Spy is a hat-tip to Hitchock’s Women in Peril movies dramas, it takes place just before the second world war. Full of mystery, a couple of MacGuffins and a pre-war Japan, the film builds on intrigue and drama quite well.

  1. The Human Voice

A 2020 Spanish-American drama film, The Human Voice is directed by Pedro Almodovar, inspired from a play of the same name by Jean Cocteau. The film had a world premiere in Venice on September 3. It stars Tilda Swanton and is widely considered one of the highlights of the film festival even though the movie length is only 30 minutes.

  1. The Disciple

There are many Indian films at the Venice film festival, including a Gujarati short film. What steals the show however is Chaitanya Tamhane’s ‘The Disciple’ It is the first Indian movie in 20 years that is chosen for the main competition of a European film festival. The Marathi-language film.

vies for the Golden Lion, and looks at the world of classical musicians on the fringes of success. It has received rave reviews from the international community.

Previously, Tamhane’s Court that premiered at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in 2014 had won the Best Film in the Horizons Category. Interestingly, The Disciple also has Alfonso Cuaron on the board as an executive producer.

  1. Lacci

Lacci – an Italian film directed by Daniele Luchetti is the Opening Film, Out of Competition for this year’s film festival. Titled “The Ties” in English, the film is based on the 2014 novel of the same name.

Lacci is a marital drama that shows what happens when a wife and an unfaithful husband stay together.
If you are interested to know more about the complete lineup of films, here’s a link. 

While we can’t go to Venice just as yet, we can sure catch some of the top films showcased at the film festival from the comfort of our homes. Here’s to cinema!