Traffic Movie Review

Traffic movie review: It took 150 minutes to save a life and create history

Inspired by a real-life incident, the story of the movie Traffic revolves around how soon can you clear crazy traffic jam while it is pouring heavily between Mumbai to Pune to transport a beating heart of a brain-dead person to rescue a deceasing patient.

The honesty with which relationships are portrayed in the movie is commendable. From breaking stereotypes to a policeman seeking redemption, a celebrity being arrogant even when while facing a personal tragedy, helping someone else while the mother is herself in grief, every character teaches you a life lesson!

The recurring time-stamps and the zig-zag narratives of the film give you the thrill of a race, a race against time and commands all your attention. The most gripping part of “Traffic” is the road journey that keeps you on the edge of your seats! Manoj Bajpayee, the police constable leaves a powerful impact on your minds with his eagerness to complete what seems to be impossible mission! Even Jimmy Shergill needs to be lauded for doing justice to his role. Exactly what you can expect from an award winning, experienced star cast!

I wouldn’t disagree to the fact that there were a few minor flaws in the movie. Having said that, I believe that Traffic is a movie that deserves a round of applause because it depicts human spirit in the time of crisis. It is about life giving you a second chance. One must watch it for all the inspiration it offers! As they say sometimes even a wrong turn can take you in the right direction.