Videography Vs Cinematography

Videography vs Cinematography: What is the difference?

To a novice, both the professions of Videography and Cinematography look the same. You are not entirely wrong if you think this way, but there are differences in the work each profession is responsible for. 

In this article, we will look at each professions’ roles and responsibilities and see how they are different from each other.

Before that, let’s define them individually.

What is Videography?

Videography is the profession of capturing moments and live events. They film the story or event that unfolds itself live. They do not play a part of storytelling, but the part of story capturing.

Usually, a videographer works individually or in a small group. They are responsible for operating cameras, lighting, sound, and final editing.

Some examples of where videographers are required:

  • Weddings
  • Live events
  • Music Concerts


Now, let’s understand more about Cinematography.

What is Cinematography?

In a single sentence, Cinematography is the art and science of storytelling using motion pictures as a medium. This means that the profession is responsible for creating a story and capturing it.

Along with this, they are also responsible to arouse feelings and emotions which are required to connect with the view using their art.

For this exact reason, they are also known as the “Director of Photography” (DOP)

They usually work with high-tech instruments for capturing a story using cameras, lighting & sound. They work very closely with directors and aid them to bring the movie’s/story’s vision to reality.

A Cinematographer works in a large crew or leads a team that helps them get the best output.

Some examples of where cinematographers are required:

  • Movie production
  • TV series production

These definitions are enough to understand the difference like work in both professions, but let’s take a closer look at how they are different from each other.

Videography vs Cinematography: 3 points of difference

In layman’s terms, Videography is the profession of capturing live events and delivering the recordings after managing sound, lighting, and editing, while Cinematography is the art of storytelling using motion pictures.

For this blog, we have divided the differences into 3 points that will serve as the reference of differentiation.

1. Creativity


It is an extremely creative profession and helps deliver the story and vision of motion pictures. The scope of creativity is extremely high, and their job requires them to make amusing films that are exciting and beautiful to look at. 


This is a profession of capturing facts, thus the scope of creativity is very limited. They are suitable to serve businesses as the job majorly consists of recording and capturing live events as they happen.

2. Field of Work


The profession is perfect for the entertainment industry. They work creatively and thus, making movies and TV shows is perfect for them to flaunt their creativity.

Plus, they add a lot of value to the entire film production.


This profession is suitable for business purposes. This means that it is perfect to work with businesses or individuals who want to capture memories and events in the best possible way using videos.

3. Collaborations


The job of cinematographers is such that they have to work with a team. While shooting a movie, they have the highest number of crew to get the storytelling elements captured in the right way.


Videographers can work alone or need a small team to work. They do not dictate the happenings of the event and focus on capturing what is happening in front of them.

With all that said, each profession plays an important role in their respective field of work.

One of the common questions that we have come across is “Can both be the same?”.

The answer is not simple, it depends on the requirements of the project.

A videographer may not be able to justify a motion film as it may be out of their scope and similarly, the cinematographer may feel restricted in terms of creativity while capturing an event.


Each profession has different perks and responsibilities. They both help capture moments, but in a different field of work.

We hope that this article helped you understand the difference between videography and cinematography.

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