What Makes SP Cinecorp Different From Other Production Houses

What Makes SP Cinecorp Different From Other Production Houses?

Difference: A Matter of Perspective

Cinema is primarily a perception based entertainment. A production of sound and moving images which collate together to form a wholesome narrative(or that we infer a narrative!), it has the power of mass influence and it is a great means to escape reality or understand reality through a 70mm lens, or let’s say a pinhole camera with its inverted image transposed upon a retinal screen which we straighten out.

As Andre Bazin said,“The cinema substitutes for our gaze a world more in harmony with our desires.” That’s what it been done since the time the first film was about locomotive passing through the screen. It isn’t only about our desires, but also about surprising us in unexpected ways. Mostly, filmic narratives have used archetype story structures with a protagonist-antagonist clash and resolution. Various combinatorial formulas have been evoked and reused whilst the audience idled away somewhere else.

We don’t look for cliches, to be very frank. Our approach is wizened by our experienced team comprising artists who have earned accolades in their own respective fields. We like to traverse emotional & soteriological realms never explored before; crime & punishment, redemption & negation, affirmation of the beauty in the midst of ugliness and the climes in which our existence hangs by a mere thread. Whenever a writer-director comes to pitch to us, we love to be surprised, to know a tale never told before, or a grandmother’s tale twisted to it very surreal extent wherein characters are eventually not what they appear. Where all that we held dear lasts no more. Or any subject which deals with a social reality never explored before. We look for the remarkable in midst of the ordinary.

We explore creative talent wherever we find it. Our gaze explores various films and the participants in them whether they are directors, cinematographers, writers or actors with the potential to be at the helm of a riveting film. After all, merely a good script is still a job half done. The sound, the camera, the dialogues, and the director of them all, we look at complete aspects of film making from pre-production to post-production.

To fuel all these ambitions requires financial discipline and budgeting, an experience we have gained since our inception in 2015. With the success of Chhello Divas, Buddha in a Traffic Jam and the recent blockbuster The Tashkent Files, we have brought financial accountability into our practices. Our investors are assured of good returns on their investments.